WoodMaxx MX-9900 Hydrostatic PTO Wood Chipper

The WoodMaxx All American Made MX-9900 PTO Wood Chipper is Now Only $4,990.00!

WoodMaxx MX-9900 PTO Wood Chipper

The WoodMaxx™ MX-9900 hydrostatic auto-feed chipper is a robust self-feeding PTO wood chipper.

WoodMaxx MX-9900 Hydrostatic PTO Wood Chipper!

This wood chipper is extremely compact, and built to withstand commercial use. The hydrostatic drive system in-feed roller will grab and pull material into the chipper head using a powerful hydrostatic motor.

MX-9900 PTO Wood Chipper Mounted with 3 Point Hitch to your tractor!

This motor is powered by the chippers’ self-contained hydrostatic pump and reservoir. 4-High quality (A8 tool steel) made in the USA knives are standard equipment on all MX-series wood chippers.

MX -9900 PTO Wood Chipper Requires a rear lift capacity of 950 Lbs from your tractor!

The design of the WoodMaxx™ MX-series chipper is so unique and innovative that it is now patent pending. Sleek hydraulic hoses with nylon hose wrap!

MX-9900 PTO Wood Chipper is a Hydrostatic chipper! Hydrostatic is a much more efficient chipper compare to a hydraulic chipper. The MX-9900 only requires 2 quarts of 10w-40 motor oil! Its predecessor the WM-8H  Hydraulic Chipper requires 7 Gallons of iSO 46 Hydraulic Fluid!

WoodMaxx™ has discovered that the 220 Lbs 26.5” flywheel is ideal for this size PTO wood chipper.


MX-9900 PTO Wood Chipper Fly Wheel

WoodMaxx™ MX-9900 wood chippers use a 26.5″ x 1″ dynamically balanced 220 Lbs flywheel to deliver the energy to quickly and easily chip all types of material. Competitors use a wide range of flywheel weights, but through thorough testing and experimentation!

The MX-9900 PTO Wood Chipper has an adjustable feed roller

The hydrostatic drive system in-feed roller will grab and pull material into the chipper head using a powerful hydrostatic motor. The Hydrostatic Motor also allows you to put the in-feed roller in reverse!

The MX-9900 Hydrostatic PTO Wood Chipper

WoodMaxx™ MX-9900 wood chipper comes shipped to you in a wooden crate and is 100% completely assembled on delivery. Simply attach the MX-9900 wood chipper to your 3 point hitch on your tractor, lower the in-feed bin, raise the discharge chute, size and attach the PTO shaft (included), and fill the oil reservoir with the included 2 quarts of 10-w40 motor oil.

The MX-9900 PTO Wood Chipper

 WoodMaxx™ MX-9900 wood chipper are manufactured and assembled right here at our facility in Akron, New York ( Near Buffalo, NY ). All of our PTO chippers are given a comprehensive 22 point inspection, and are serviced prior to leaving our warehouse. Simply follow the user friendly operator manual and you will be chipping in no time at all.

The Hydrostatic 100% American Made PTO Wood Chipper

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Address: 42 Jackson Street, Akron, NY, 14001

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